Replications & Reversals

FORRT (Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training) is dedicated to advancing research transparency, reproducibility, rigor, and ethics through pedagogical reform and meta-scientific research. As the project manager of Replications & Reversals, a project run by FORRT, I am committed to promoting open scholarship by collating replications and reversal effects in social science.

Replications are at the core of the Open Scholarship movement. However, as replication efforts become more widespread, it can be challenging for scholars and educators to keep up with which effects in their field replicate and which do not. FORRT’s Replications & Reversals project aims to address this challenge by collecting empirical research on reversal effects in social science. By providing a “living,” freely available, crowd-sourced, and community-driven collection of effects that have either not been replicated or even reversed through empirical research across social sciences, our resource aims to promote research rigor and transparency.

If you would like to contribute to the project by adding studies to our database or joining our team long-term, please contact me.

Aleksandrina Skvortsova
Aleksandrina Skvortsova
Assistant Professor